HPU and Writing Assessment

Writing skills are, more than ever, a crucial outcome of a college education. But teaching writing and grading all those papers is not easy. Neither is gleaning wisdom on learning outcomes for internal innovation and external accreditation reporting.

On September 27, 2012, Blackboard hosted a webinar to get educators thinking more deeply about writing across the curriculum pedagogy and to introduce the free Teaching & Learning Edition of Waypoint2.

The webinar, titled “Triple Play: Embedding Writing Assessment in Blackboard Learn,” shows Waypoint2′s new document markup and rubric assessment Building Block for Blackboard Learn. More importantly, it shows how faculty at your institution can collaborate through Waypoint2, sharing rubrics and dynamic comment libraries across courses and academic terms. It features Dr. William Carpenter, chair of the English Department at High Point University. Dr. Carpenter is an expert on designing, implementing, and assessing the effectiveness of collegiate writing courses. He shared some of the learning outcomes analysis he has completed using data collected through both grading activities and more formal assessment efforts.

The webinar includes details on the course-level data available in the free Teaching & Learning Edition, and gives you a feel for the power of Waypoint2′s Analytics Edition, which makes it possible to aggregate and disaggregate data across courses, academic programs, and multiple academic years.

The webinar is hosted by Waypoint founder, Andrew McCann.