Serving Teachers

Create feedback, faster

Faster to deal with students documents. Faster to access feedback for student conferences. Faster to define standards for students, eliminating or minimizing grade disputes.

Faster to return exceptional feedback to students. Everything else is gravy.



The world is interdisciplinary, and our assessments and curriculum must adjust. Call it project-based learning or authentic assessment—we don’t need fancy titles. We just need meaningful work, assessed by coaches and mentors who care about our myriad trajectories.

Serving Students

Engage students

What do smart students really think of college?

“The first time I got a paper back from a professor here at Penn, I was a little confused. I thought (incorrectly, I suppose) that I would receive extensive feedback on each assignment. I soon learned that unmarked papers and vague comments were the norm.” (From “Fighting for Feedback,” The Daily Pennsylvanian)

Thousands of educators are defying this stereotype, but their defiance is a rebellion against a NCLB “teach for the test” mentality or an “all that matters is research” culture.

Waypoint provides these educators with the toolset they need to fulfill their personal mission to engage students while creating the data their institutions so desperately need.


Serving Stakeholders

Generate meaningful data

Meaningful data is a scarce commodity.

Because Waypoint connects seamlessly to leading platforms like Blackboard Learn, because it makes grading beautiful, and because students love receiving rich feedback on their work, Waypoint helps institutions grow.

Share analytics

“ACCOUNTABILITY!” It’s a rallying cry. It’s been echoing for years.

Innovative educators are building data warehouses and focusing on what we call authentic analytics. The potential is huge. It starts with real data on student data. Not surveys on satisfaction. Not multiple-choice exam data. Authentic data. Successful institutions are  reinventing themselves around the need for meaningful information.

Learn how to make assessment more meaningful Learn More
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  • Course-Level Analytics

Waypoint, Ashford’s electronic system for assessing student learning using standardized rubric-based tools, has been tested, refined, and systematically deployed across programs. Now routinely used in approximately two hundred out of six hundred total courses at Ashford, Waypoint provides rich and valuable assessment data to Ashford’s faculty and leadership.

Report of the WASC Special Visit Team
Addressed to Ashford University
April 1-5, 2013


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